Student Stuff

Hey students!! Meet Shawn, a grade 6 student at SJE. Shawn is an awesome storyteller who enjoys reading. Have a listen to Shawn tell a story to the grade 3 class!!!

Teacher Corner

Hey Teachers!!! Please check out Melissa Kelly's article "Bloom's Taxonomy in the Classroom"

For the Parents

Parents please check out the Reading Is Fundamental website and learn how to develop a literacy rich home environment for you and your child.

This week's featured author 'Robert Munsch'

Robert Munsch is one of North America’s best-selling children’s authors. His books are staples of any child’s library. All together they have sold over 30 million copies, and have been translated into over a dozen languages.

“I got into it backwards!” is Munsch's reply to questions about how he became a children’s author. That’s because he makes up most of his stories on the spot, and tells them over and over before he writes them down. Munsch is bursting with ideas-though he says it sometimes takes him years to get a good story.

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